Comprehensive Cleaning Services including Hotel Housekeeping

Make sure that your facility is clean and comfortable for your guests with our cleaning services and hotel housekeeping in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our dedicated staff will take care of everything for you.

Employee Featuring Cleaning Services


Your hotel rooms will sparkle with help from KC Staffing Solutions, LLC. Our dedicated employees will make the beds, clean the restrooms, and vacuum to keep everything fresh and rejuvenated. It is easier to hire our business as opposed to hiring an additional staff member to have on your books.
Lobby Attendants
Under the housekeeping department, our business provides helpful lobby attendant services to keep your business running efficiently. We thoroughly clean all lobbies and public areas, including restrooms and hallways. This service is available on a consistent basis to keep your company spotless all year round.

Your kitchen will be taken care of by our team of qualified professionals. We handle all of the general cleaning so that you don't have to lift a finger with the chemicals and products in your facility. For your convenience, we also provide dishwashers and prep cooks as part of our full range of services.

Contact us for thorough cleaning services and hotel housekeeping to keep your business immaculate.